Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya

Iskandar Putri : Commercial Property in Nusajaya

The Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya is an important commercial project jointly developed by Emercon Group of Companies and The State Government of Johor (50-50 Joint Venture), in prime Nusajaya area, Iskandar.

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Iskandar Putri: commercial property in Nusajaya, Iskandar

Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya

Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya

At the edge of SiLC, Iskandar Putri is strategically located along Pontian highway and Jalan Ulu Choh, where the traffic flow is very high. The location offers great visibility and exposure to Iskandar Putri, which is vitally important for commercial projects.

Next to SiLC ( Southern Industrial and Logistic Clusters), one of the most notable projects in Iskandar, Iskandar Putri is surrounded by many established and upcoming township and commercial development, including Medini, EduCity, upcoming financial district, Bukit Indah, and Puteri Harbour.

Occupying 17.5 acres of freehold land, Iskandar Putri yields 132 units of 3 & 4 storey of shop offices and proposed hotel and office block. The quality, design, location, and the investment potential in the future make this exciting project a winning investment among investors.

Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya

Iskandar Putri @ Nusajaya

Huge Investment Potential:

+ SiLC (Southern Industrial & Logistic Clusters): One of the most important projects in Nusajaya, SiLC is being planned to become a world class industrial and logistic park. It’s a key driver for the economy development of Iskandar. At least 16,000 jobs will be created when it’s ready. On top of that, there are many more industrial parks including a big industrial park by Ascendes. This huge group of high quality working crowds will form a massive demand for the commercial needs that Iskandar Putri offers!

+  Strategic Location: Most of the important developments are focus in this area or in close proximity to this location. Medini, upcoming Financial District, Legoland, EduCity, Health Care  and hospitals and Bukit Indah township are all in the surrounding. Driving distance from Singapore Second Link is only about 10-15 mins away. Simply put, The State Government can choose anywhere they want for SiLC, and the fact that they choose here clearly indicate how strategic the location is.

+ Established Infrastructure and favourable Government Policies and Incentives: The Government efforts in building Nusajaya into a world class city is relentless. Excellent infrastructure have been built to form a strong foundation, and attractive policies and incentives are designed to attract world class companies and businesses to invest in Nusajaya. More than RM100 billions are already invested in Iskandar to date, and most of it are into Nusajaya.

+ Huge Investment Potential: With all the big players like Temasek, Ascendes, and CapitaLand are venturing into Nusajaya, the future development and investment potential is massive. More Singapore’s businesses will be investing in Nusajaya, due to its proximity and the attractive policies and cost advantage.

+ Commercial Property: Commercial projects deliver good capital gain and more importantly, high rental yield. More info about why invest in commercial property, go HERE.

+ Guaranteed Rental Yield: Developers (50% The State government of Johor) offer guaranteed rental yield of 6% for the first 2 year. It shows how confident the developer in this project, as they can offer this guarantee! Attractive sales package + Massive investment potential!

Limited Units of Shoplots for sale, call 96563725 now for more info and booking.

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